FunFair + Karaoke + Port Dickson :)

Hey peeps , dah berkurun tak update blog kan ? maklumlah saya busy :D hihihi , busy dengan activity2 yang tak dirancang . First Activity is Karaoke , nak tengok gambar ? satu je . takyah lebih2 :D

haaaaa,tu . see yang tengah tu ? that's me ! haha , location ? redbox? superstar? greenbox? KTV? noooooo ! all is wrong . is at my cousins house with their karaoke set and it's freaking awesomeeee!!! yahhh !!! next activity is Funfair . the picture is not uploaded . MALAS XD K , the new funfair at ampang . it's expensive but awesome! UFO , SWING , BUMPER CAR . awesome mannnnnnnnnnn! hahahaha , and balik-balik rumah semua muntah-muntah . haha , bongok kan kan kan ? Okay , nest activity PORT DICKSON BABEHHHHH! dah byk kali pi port dickson but i tak pegi . so this is the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE . I'm afraid of the crocodile kill a kid news. remember? so , I just duduk dekat tepi2 pantai and swimming pool onlyyyy I dont care as lone it's awesome! hahahaha , that's all maybe ? thanks cousins and family for this awesome trip . loveyouu , xoxo
The Aristocats - Marie Pink Tiny Hand Bow Tie