Best Friend Forever :'/

Dear BestFriendForever ,
You guys has broke all of our promises . so am I maybe . I miss our memorable moments since we in standard 6.Don't you guys miss it? Everything changes when someone came to your both life , so am I . Yes , I have to close with Hasya . This is because there's no one can hear all of my sad stories , problems , happy stories and whatsoever . She knows everything . And I try to go far away from both of you cause I don't want to disturb your life . when I go to you , what did I get? a FREE bitchy word for me . nevermind , you guys still number 1 in my heart . Thanks for everything since standard 6. You guys want a chance to get close to others friends . just go , you guys didn't need me anymore . I'm not too important , If you guys have a problem or something I'm willing to hear it . I think we should go our own ways , even if we still BFF we still go our own ways rite? so , better we did this . last year , whereever we go , never seperated . now , plans changes , people changes . I miss you guys baadly ! but , we can't get to close like before cause meen you have you BFD whereever you go and azad you have her too . You guys promise that we would ever seperated whatever happen . but now , we are . WE ARE ! so , thanks guys for everything . you guys didn't need me , we should go our own ways . I Love You , I Miss You and GoodBye :'(
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