Happy 7th Month Super Duper Awesome Boyfriend :)

Dear Cinta , Love , Boyfriend , Zachy , Gemok , Handsome and whatsoever .
Thanks for being mine! you're one in a million . I know you've promise me to buy me teddy bear , but you want us to hangout together so I can pick one . It's okay Biy , things/present are not important . I dont care bout it , I just want you . You've bring sparkle to my life Biy , there's so many things we've been through together . You never dissapoint me . You mean everything to me sayang . 7 month ? for me too long than before! haha , rite? There's so many promises between us , I hope you or me won't broke our promises . and I wont! That's my promise . Thanks for taking care of me from shitting bitch fugly slut people , thanks for protecting me in rain , thanks for everything you've done! dunno what to say more , I just want to say .......

The Aristocats - Marie Pink Tiny Hand Bow Tie