Shah Al Mukerim :')

Once upon a time there's a boy named Shah Al Mukerim , he make me happy . he makes me forget about my past love story . he never fail me , he always here when i have a problem , he always there for me . he's always use cute and sweet words to make me melt . but , one day . he lied me , and it's hard for me to believe him back . but , i'd try too . he's my life , my own life . not anyone else . he mine , not yours . just mine ! you know it's hurt when you scold me , when you lied to me , but I don't care . i just think it's a joke . cause I LOVE YOU . one and only you . please don't make me sad , but now , i'm tired for this games . it hurts me a lot . too lot . if you have somebody else . nevermind , i'll try to accept the truth . and i hope GOD give you a lesson . you're a big boy now , you can think what's the best and what's wrong . but , i don't think so , you can't take care of me like i want . you always said that you felt annoying when i'm touching or crying . whatthe ? you know it's hurt a lot . God know how my feeling is , one day you'll know :'(
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