Just leave me alone ! Thank you~

Hey you , i just wanna be friends ! i don't want anything , just friends ! cause , i hate and sick being enemies ! you with your selfish and annoying attitude make me hate you day by day ! so , this is what you want rite ? tak layan aku dahh kan ? fine , so ! anda dipersilakan BACKOFF ! I don't really care about you anymore ! just wanna remind you , this is my blog ! it's up to me for whatever i wanna rite , you say you didn't care bout me anymore ! so , don't ever amek kesah ape yang aku nak tulis . suka hati aku laa nak maki kea , pukol kea . kaw kesah ape ? dorang kawan kaw ? kesah pulak aku ? who cares ? i don't really care laaa . cukop2 laa control hidop aku , dari couple sampai clash tu jea laaa kaw . control jea ape aku nak buat ! kaw tak suka orang control kaw ! kaw control orang kaw ade fikir ? tak kan ? so , everybody not perfect ! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE ! DON'T EVER JUDGE ME IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH ! - Thanks
The Aristocats - Marie Pink Tiny Hand Bow Tie