Why i feel major stupid ? why i love someone who didn't really care and love me anymore ? why ? urghh , it feel so hurt when the words came out like this "sanggup tak maen game for you" . maybe you have fall in love wih that girl rite ? it's okey . that girl really mess with me , everything in my life i had . she wanna steal them . i mean not she but them ! i hate you guys so muchh ! maybe it's a test from Allah . i reda but don't you think you good enough . you and your sys so major same attitude ! like motherfucking bullshit asshole ! you really good at the game , that i don't wanna play . so , i'm done here . you better step away every move you belong . that we all will be always right behind you ! i always check your profile . every second , minutes , hours , days , months and year ! but now , i don't even wanna do that stupid things anymore . you want all of them rite ? TAKE IT ! it's enough . from now , i just wanna find someone that really can take care and love me .
The Aristocats - Marie Pink Tiny Hand Bow Tie