Vanessa and Zac ♥

I just wanna say that I will always support my biggest Idol and Rolemodel, - Vanessa Anne Hudgens. She's a Singer, Actress and a beautifull model. I'm a proud fan for 5 years. I grow up with her. >#justsaying. so forget the pictures in your head and think about her talent ! You can't even hate a person you don't know. #fact ! So leave her alone. Vanessa is amazing and she have a super hot boyfriend, - Zac Efron. ! Zanessa are the perfect couple, the new "Brangelina". She also have a really cool Family, her sister , her mother & her Dad Greg. they are super cool i wish they RT this text x) So my biggest dream is to meet Vanessa Anne Hudgens. Its hard cause I live in Malaysia . :( but I still believe in my dreams.
I'm a proud Vanessa Anne Hudgens fan. #fact ! I love you with all my heart. >
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