Urghh , It's Enoughh

Hey boy , i just wanna tell ya something . you write we're not couple anymore rite ? so , don't take a port of us anymore . but , what you did . you control what i wanna write on my blog . hey , this is my blog , my life , my soul , it's up to me what i want to write about anyone ! you say you don't have heart with anyone anymore rite ? so , you want to let you go . okey , i'll try . where the old you ? i want the old you . you freaking change ! i hate the new you . you talk to me like you don't feel what i feel about what are you saying . can you control your speaking with me . i always MENGALAH , always let you win . i never mad at you in many days and you say "sorry" and "i dahh cakap sorry kan ?" .what's the point ? when i make you mad , and i say "sorry" you mad at me for many days . what if you feel when i gave you back this words "i dahh cakap sorry kan ?" . it's hurt rite ? can you understand me even 1 minutes . i've keep this for a long long time you know . i don't want to tell you because i want to take care of your feelings . but you ? always get mad with me . you don't even think what my feelings . you just wanna thinks about yourself . wake up boy !
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