Happy,Sad,Mad ?

I really freaking happy with my life now . I have Best Friend , Friends , Foster brother , Sys and more . but i just need one thing that can make my life complete . it was BOYFRIEND ! i don't want anyone else . i just want you . caan't you understand . i dunno why my life become worst when you're not around . it's been 6-7 month we've clash . but , i still can't forget you , i still need you . pleasee . i'm begging you . i don't care people though i was DESPERATE WOMAN or whatsoever . i just want you . so many people i don't accept their ask for couple . it's because of you . i miss you a lot . it's been like wanna die , be in hell or whatsoever . i dunno you hate me or not . I just wanna complete my life . i want my heart complete :'(
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