Dear Chamomilionn !

Today , i will tell ya about my answer
Dear Chamomilion , you my SAKSI UTAMA !
my answer is NO !
I'm really sorry for hurting you dude ,
i really wanna accept you but i can't !
i dunno , i know when first school~
we always mesej , none when i have a couple~
then , now when i'm SINGLE LADY , you came and search for me~
and said "boleh tak kalau i nak sambong time first school"
i really TERHARU you know~~ i know you waitting for soo long !
i'm really sorry :( i have such things why i can't accept you !
like abang ayie said : jangan lepaskan jodoh yang tuhan bagi dekat kita !
but , i can't . i can't let my .... go ! even , he hurt me and i hurt him so many time~
memang kuat hati niey cakap ~ "JANGAN PERGI KAT ORANG LAEN"
urghhhhhhhhh ! Dear God , why you gave me all the things i can't solve and
hand it myselff ! WHY ?!
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